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Beautiful pictures. Thanks a lot for sharing !


Great serie of wonderful portraits.^.


the 2nd picture with the crying little girl made me go - "tahan na..." ("stop crying...")

i envy you for being able to take pictures of people and children.



I love the first image of the two girls. Id like to right click that for keeps if you wont mind:)


i like the last pic, his eyes are very expressive. nice pics :)


Fantastic set of portraits Sidney, I can't pick a fav' in this set at all. Mal


Goodness Sidney. The pic of the boy with the wheel reminds me of childhood. We used to play with the same "toy". We'd roll the wheel by pushing it with the stick (like slapping the upper part of the wheel) as we run beside it. Sometimes, we'd race. The one who'd bring the wheel to the ground was automatically out. Of course, the kid who would first reach the finish line with the wheel still rolling was declared the winner. I feel nostalgic all of a sudden. Hehe. Thanks for sharing, Sidney. Now, you just made me teary-eyed. :)


these are such excellent shots ... I would have been proud of each one of them ...
you take awesome photos!!!

Ashish Sidapara

Superb series, love all of them!!


Beautiful children shot ! They express so many different kind of moods. Very rich set !

Wim van der Meij

You have been busy Sidney! You remain the king of portraits and you sea photos are superb too. Great colours and insights into Philippine life.
Again my compliments.


Such sweet, adorable children! As usual your portraits are just stunning! I hope you have a great start to the week, Sidney!


my thoughts were very much in line with Barbrette's comment; it's another good series!


I want to hug the first one, to kiss and protect the second, to smile to the third, play with the fourth, just staying to look at the beautiful sixth, ask to the red girl about what she is thinking and at least, kiss also the last one...
So much emotional pictures...

Chris Vallancourt

Great variety here between happiness and sadness. I'm always struck by the smiles amid the squalor.


Hi Sidney ! Great kids images !!! it is very alive and expressive..

19 Seconds Of Spring

Great series once again... Kids are so expressive!


A range of expressions, each a stunning portrait on its own. Great work Sidney :).


I love the different expressions on the children's faces. I think children have genuine emotions which make them great subjects.


lovely shots...
kids can give you so much...


There is something in kids faces, or probably lack of something. I just love how they can smile or cry without reservation.

I especially like the last pic in the set. The boy looks so serene and mesmerized by whatever he is looking at behind the camera.


ahhh, Sidney made the little girl cry!

you've captured them great. one common thing about their facial expressions is that, they're eyes are happy amidst the difficult life. i guess that's what being a child seems to be oblivious of the sufferings and pain that we adults tend to over dramatize.


i love the portrait of the boy with the tire... nice colors... and the division of the grassy area with the brown soil...


Lovely set of children portraits...


beautiful portraits, you have such a gift of capturing the. My favourite is the happy child in the 1st photo. Very heart warming...

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